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Where they go...
It was the stroke of 7pm on May 2nd and everyone, meaning a local community in the city of Osaka, was at the Kita shrine for the local Golden week festival. The shrine was a branch of Shinmei shrine, and therefore worshiped the goddess Amaterasu. They all went past the Torii gate in excitement and onto the shrine grounds, instantly going to the Temizuya to do Temizu. At the shrine, there was dancing at the Kagura-den, worshiping in the Haiden, and friendly chats going on here and there. Outside the sacred place were games, stands, a Mikoshi being carried around, gift shops, and many other festive attractions.
There was one family that was new to this festival. They had recently moved into the area and this was their first Golden week here in Osaka. The father, Tomoro Tanukki, wasn't the most excited person to go the festival. He would rather have stayed at home and read the local paper, or have done some other sedentary activity; but he kept a happy smile on his face. He was dressed bl
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Virizion vore request part 2 of ??? (Shirehorse7)
Virizion vore Request pt.2
-in the morning-
Keldeo: Zzz.....
It was fast asleep, exhausted after the events of night before. Virizion on the other hand, was stealthily heading towards it with a smirk on her face. She approached it, lowered her head to its ear, took a deep breath, then...
Virizion: KELDEO WAKE UP!!
Keldeo: GAAH!!
It woke with a start and literally shot up onto a tree branch like a startled cat and clung on for dear life. Virizion burst out laughing and it looked down at her.
Keldeo: Virizion!!!
It was whining.
Virizion: I-I'm sorry- Hahahahaha! That was just priceless!!
Anthony awoke from the laughing.
Anthony: Ugh.... Morning already...?
He sat up and stretched with a yawn, then scratched his head and looked around.
Anthony: Right.... I'm inside Virizion....
He sighed in despair.
Anthony: And I can't come out for a while...
He looked up and thought for a sec.
Anthony: Maybe I can beg her to let me out... Or just be really annoying so she'll HAVE to let me out...
He sho
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Happiness and Tacos by Trainers-Pokemon Happiness and Tacos :icontrainers-pokemon:Trainers-Pokemon 3 44 The Farming Equipment of Alarm by Trainers-Pokemon The Farming Equipment of Alarm :icontrainers-pokemon:Trainers-Pokemon 4 25 The Moment of Discontent by Trainers-Pokemon The Moment of Discontent :icontrainers-pokemon:Trainers-Pokemon 4 11
Lapras vore Request (dragonkeeper305)
Lapras vore Request
Layla: Dammit... I knew I should have brought a map...
She continued in her speed boat in Catishire lake. Layla was a girl in her teens, only just becoming a trainer. She had no clue what to expect in the big world of Pokémon, but she sure as anything wasn't afraid to charge into it and see what it would give her. She wore a jean jacket with the sleeves cut off and a light t-shirt under it. Her shorts are of camouflage design, and her hair was in a ponytail, blowing in the wind.
She continued along, irritated.
Layla: Man I was expecting more than this.... And even more since I don't have my map!
She stopped the boat and stood up, looking around in the vast blue lake.
Layla: This sucks...
Then she noticed bubbling in the water.
Layla: Huh?
There was a "bmp" sound and the boat started swaying. She lost her balance and fell.
Layla: Ow! What the-?!
The boat suddenly flipped upside down and she fell off under it. She resurfaced in the little air pocket under the b
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Suru and Pika in a Request (Ninetalesvorelover)
Suru and Pika in a vore request
Note: The following story is in the format of a Role Play. Be advised of the following:
* * : Represent actions.
[ ] : Represent thoughts.
( ) : Represents author's comment.
CAPITAL LETTERING : Represents yelling or emphasis on a word.
Word : Represents emphasis on a word.
Word : Represents emphasis on a word.
# of "!" Or "?" : Represent the intensity of the yell or questioning.
"…" : Represent a sentence trailing off, a hesitation, the dulling of a question (?) or yell (!), or a deep emotion in a sentence.
"...-" : Represent the sudden stop of a syllable or thought.
"Name:" : Represent who's talking at the moment.
Pika and Zero are OCs owned by :iconTrainers-pokemon: Trainers-Pokemon, and are male Pikachu and male Typhlosion respectfully.
Suru and Amy are OCs owned by :iconNinetalesvorelover: ParkyCat and are male Lucario and female Ninetales respectfully.
And now, for the story. Enjoy.
:icontrainers-pokemon:Trainers-Pokemon 6 33
Lessons learned 3
Arbok vore 3
Arbok: Alright, concentrate on your palm.
Riolu: Ok.
He closed his eyes and held out his palm. A faint blue light shone from it and it got brighter and brighter.
Arbok: Ok, now think... circular.
He tensed and the light grew. A few blue sparks flew from it, then it blew up in their faces. They blinked a few times, then fell on their backs.
Both: Ow...
Dun da-da-dun da-da-dun dunnnnnnnnnnaaaaaaaaaa~
A blazin' encounter!
(Da-dun) Dun da-dun da-dun DUN!!
It had been two weeks, and Riolu was training hard. He was able to now summon aura, but controlling was an issue. This was usually the result.
Riolu: Im never gonna be able to control aura...
He sat up. Arbok got up.
Arbok: Hey, don't think that way, you'll get it eventually.
He made a fist.
Riolu: I bet if I evolved, I'd be able to control it.
Arbok: Now now, you know what we agreed on.
He rolled his eyes.
Riolu: Yeah yeah, no forced evolution-
She hit him in the head with her tail. He held it and cringed.
Riolu: Damm
:icontrainers-pokemon:Trainers-Pokemon 6 119
Virizion vore request part 1 of ??? (ShireHorse7)
Virizion vore Request
Keldeo: Im really sorry ok??
Anthony: You're still not forgiven.
It lowered its head a bit.
Keldeo: Man....
Hello again. Last time we saw Anthony, he was shrunken and eaten by Keldeo, one of the members of the Swords of Justice, and they both went on a walk and chat. At the moment, the tiny human, Anthony, was on top of Keldeo's head with his arms crossed as Keldeo walked along solemnly.
Anthony: I'll only forgive you if you can get me back to normal.
Keldeo: I told you, I don't know how to do that.... Only Virizion knows...
Anthony: Then we should go to Virizion.
Keldeo stopped.
Keldeo: I-I can't do that!
Anthony: Why not?
Keldeo: Because you're a human!
Anthony: So??
It shrunk down in a bit of shame.
Keldeo: Cobalion will get mad if he finds out...
Anthony: What'll he do to you?
Keldeo: Well.... He would probably get really mad and punish me badly...
Anthony: And what'll he do when he finds out you shrank and ate me?
Keldeo: Well... He'd-....
It stopped mid sent
:icontrainers-pokemon:Trainers-Pokemon 12 121
Lanturn vore Request (Robertruler77)
Lanturn vore Request
Robert: Should I go in...?
He looked at his reflection in the wavy ocean blue water, and pondered for a second before sighing.
Robert: Yeah, lets do this.
He dove in. This is gonna be a tale about a kid named Robert. This isn't any ordinary kid though, he's about as big as your hand, or maybe smaller, which makes him an easy target for most predators *wink wink*. Well at this point, he was jumping off a low cliff into the ocean. Why? Because it was a nice warm day to go for a swim. He landed in with a good *splash* and went under for a few seconds before Re-surfacing and taking a breath.
Robert: Ohhhhhh this water's coooold!!
He shivered, but it felt nicer than being out on the ground on this day. He started lazily swimming about on the surface, occasionally going under to catch a glimpse of the beautiful coral reefs and Pokémon swimming around happily. Corsela and Staryu, Goldeen and Dragonair, even the shadow of what seemed like a Kyogre was seen for a sec
:icontrainers-pokemon:Trainers-Pokemon 16 52
Episode 18: Making a ground point.
Making a ground point!
Port, Noël and I were heading back to the Pokemon center. I had my Pokédex out and pointed at Noël.
Hyper: Hm... Level 11... Water gun.... Rapid spin... Tackle... Thunderbolt- Thunderbolt?!
I looked at her shocked.
Hyper: How do you know thunderbolt?!
She shrugged.
Noël: I dunno, I was just walking when I stepped on a disk. Next thing I know I can use electricity.
Hyper: Wow, that's amazing.
I put it away and looked at Port.
Hyper: So, think we're ready to face the gym leader?
He smiled and looked at me.
Port: Yep. We're as ready as we'll ever be.
Hyper: Heh, that's great!
I looked at Noël, and she looked back.
Noël: Yeah, I'm not too bad of a fighter.
Hyper: That's great too!
I look back in front of us and fist pumped.
Hyper: We're gonna get this badge for sure!
They did the same thing.
Both: For sure!
We Re-entered the Pokémon center at lunch time and went up to our room. I opened the door to Flare and Viridi packing up.
:icontrainers-pokemon:Trainers-Pokemon 2 0
What I got for Christmas ^^ by Trainers-Pokemon What I got for Christmas ^^ :icontrainers-pokemon:Trainers-Pokemon 0 42 -11 Toronto Narnia by Trainers-Pokemon -11 Toronto Narnia :icontrainers-pokemon:Trainers-Pokemon 1 0 -10 Toronto Narnia by Trainers-Pokemon -10 Toronto Narnia :icontrainers-pokemon:Trainers-Pokemon 1 0 -9 Toronto Narnia by Trainers-Pokemon -9 Toronto Narnia :icontrainers-pokemon:Trainers-Pokemon 0 0 -8 Toronto Narnia by Trainers-Pokemon -8 Toronto Narnia :icontrainers-pokemon:Trainers-Pokemon 0 8
Most will be literature, if you like that sorta thing.

Random Favourites

Dewott getting his paw forced. Request Pokepaws12 by Alphaws Dewott getting his paw forced. Request Pokepaws12 :iconalphaws:Alphaws 51 0 Lucario Journal Skin (update) by LittleSardines Lucario Journal Skin (update) :iconlittlesardines:LittleSardines 76 32 :commission: Will you be my mate? by KoriArredondo :commission: Will you be my mate? :iconkoriarredondo:KoriArredondo 2,658 159 Bakugan: PokeSquad Stamps by AshRob89 Bakugan: PokeSquad Stamps :iconashrob89:AshRob89 233 74 test by Fierying test :iconfierying:Fierying 46 7 Pocket Heroes Pop Art (Twitch Plays Pokemon) by Ruwah Pocket Heroes Pop Art (Twitch Plays Pokemon) :iconruwah:Ruwah 148 1 Blue Elektra by BlueStarryGirl Blue Elektra :iconbluestarrygirl:BlueStarryGirl 41 23 Random Vee Drawings by mandaIa Random Vee Drawings :iconmandaia:mandaIa 135 11 Little Whimsicott by honrupi Little Whimsicott :iconhonrupi:honrupi 95 49 Goodra and PokePuffs by littlepolka Goodra and PokePuffs :iconlittlepolka:littlepolka 158 15 Ninjas by Void-Shark Ninjas :iconvoid-shark:Void-Shark 67 77 Ask the 'Devivs: Dating Spork :I by Void-Shark Ask the 'Devivs: Dating Spork :I :iconvoid-shark:Void-Shark 50 38 Sparks and Haku grown up by pichu90 Sparks and Haku grown up :iconpichu90:pichu90 192 76 The Circle by Pixx-73 The Circle :iconpixx-73:Pixx-73 1,891 340
Things I like, I favorite.


I'll be as helpful as possible. I'm not here to please in my critiques, I'm here to help you get better ^^

But we can't let that stop us... DeviantArt 

Hello everyone! Jeez, it's been a while! And by a while, I mean something along the lines of 2 years... How life can change in two years... Am I right? The seasons, the appearances, the experiences... Nothing can compare to the change of life and how it affects you... For good and for bad.

To be honest, I've been meaning to write something like this for so long now... I'm not sure will be able to get all me feelings out and be done with it. But then again, I guess that's for the best. I mean... If I put it into one journal, how many people would really read it and not just dismiss it as "another journal from that Pichu guy?" Heheh, but I have a pretty good guess as to who might see this though. I won't say though, you'll see who I mean when they comment. ^^
But please, do leave a comment. Those of you who don't have me as a friend on Skype (chemar.b if you're wondering), please do comment, or drop me a note so we can chat it up and get familiar with each other once more. I'm actually going to be deleting most, if not all, of my messages before today, so do drop me a message when you can.

Heh, so much is running though my mind right now as I'm writing this... What to write? How long should I make this? but I guess I should at least say something regarding my activity from now on...

2 years makes for double the experience

    Well if you think about it, it's true. In two years, you get double the experience you would have had in one year! X3 but enough with these technicalities. I want to talk about what's going to be happening with this page, this art, this I.

    In my two year absence, I've grown tremendously. I mean, I was 14 when I first started out here on DA. A naive little kid growing up in the Toronto Larousse suburbs. Now, I'm still in Canada Hoenn, but I've just moved to another province, and man, has it been hectic. I mean, so much has happened, from my mother's passing to me now being in college... Well pre-university really, but they call it "college" here. I'm pursuing literature, and so I've been in a creative mood for the longest time. the problem is that I've not written anything for so long I feel like that input to write isn't there. Like when you try to teach an old person a new concept, it just won't happen. By then, they're hard set into their traditions and, won't necessarily reject it, but they simply can't accept it. That's how I feel.

    Don't get me wrong, I'm still generating ideas, vore and non-vore. Port, Hyper... they're still well alive inside my mind, just putting them onto paper is not something I'm too confident about yet. Guilt is a powerful things, and it's what is stifling me in all of this. If you've seen some of my early journals, a lot of them are apologies for not replying for a day, two days... XD My, I was so guilt ridden back then. now look at me! Two years and I'm not apologizing! Now one single sorry! Not because I'm narcissistic and I don't care, but because it was what I needed. I needed to clear my head from all the requests, all the messages, all the role plays, all the late replies... I had to get away. The guilt is still there... But, it's something I have to work through, and this is one way how.

However, now that I'm back, I'm feeling pretty good. writing this, I feel like my soul is being set free from it's prison of guilt and martydom. I want to just write and write... and write... but I shouldn't waste your time here with a long wall of text that incurs that horrid thought: [should I read this? It's so long...] So, I'll cut to the chase.

As I said earlier, I'm going to be deleting most, if not all of my messages prior to this journal. In addition to that, I'm also going to send a fair amount of my "art," though really at this point it should be "tra" because it's not complete trash, but it's not good art, according to my standards anyway, so the scraps section that DA has. Commissions will not be, and neither will certain story arcs I've started on, though they may go too so I can re-write them for the better, or not, not too sure yet. In addition to that, my profile description will change, probably Hyper's outfit too, and my page layout, and who I'm currently watching... Just, this page will be under a lot- *cough*, pardon me.... A LOT of maintenance. But in doing that maintenance, I'll still be posting journals with updates as to what I want to express to clear how I'm feeling about all this, releasing some bios for the OCs I've though up while Role Playign on Skype, and talking to you all, my friends.

Heheh, in short, I'm back, baby! And I hope that I can continue this- what I have started so long ago! Get more followers to my work, make more friends, and all that good stuff!

Anyways, see you soon! I hope I do at least... ^~^

-Hypervolterox Ailor Zyx
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Hello fair onlooker! No that's not right... Helooooo thearh!... Heheh, nope. Avast ye- XD hahaha, I'll just keep it simple.

Hi there! the name's Hypervolterox, but just call me Hyper because man, that name is a mouthful! I'm a Pichu gijinka who lives in Larousse city of the Hoenn region. Currently studying Literature, I plan to be a novelist in the near future, and this is where I can hone my skills as a writer with friendly opinion. Let me re-iterate... FRIENDLY. OPINION.

*cough* But I'm not here to tell you how to comment, so do what you like and I'll deal with it. But I do hope you enjoy my art and that we can become great friends! :D

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